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What We Offer

GTPMIS is a Third Party Motor Insurance cover for members of NURTW as a group. In essence, third party motor insurance policy covers your liability to third party in respect of:



Damage to property

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Benefits of Group Insurance

  • All members shall have genuine third party motor insurance cover
  • All members are sure of getting compensation(s) if there is any claim
  • All members will be compliant with the laws (Motor Insurance Act 1945 and Insurance Act No.1, 2003)
  • All members shall enjoy group discount on premium payable
  • The possibility of buying fake insurance is eliminated
  • Members shall be able to fulfill their legal responsibilities to third parties
  • It is criminal to possess fake motor insurance certificate
  • Fake motor insurance is a multiple loss to the society as the revenue which would have gone to the genuine insurance companies, found its way into private pockets of some unscrupulous individuals in our society
  • It will reduce some of the social ills in our society
  • Additional source of revenue to NURTW